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Pocket Gopher Capture!


Tonight while watering my new baby plants I noticed some fresh gopher holes in the lawn. About three months ago a “pocket gopher” started ripping up our lawn with a little help from Max freaking out on the holes. Luckily he didn’t hit any of my precious plants, but he’s really been peeving me off. I decided to hit the fresh holes with the hose (pretty aggressively I admit) and he popped out!!!!! I grabbed a basket, threw it over him and started screaming for Matti. We were able to get him in our glass head and relocate him way the heck up past 30th ave. in the park. According to Wikipedia pocket gophers are solitary vermin, so hopefully we are gopher free. I’m still pretty darn amazed I was able to catch him.


  1. Oh my god- so cute. I am sure he will enjoy that new home up there in the park. Good work Gopher Warrior!”I’m all right…”

  2. i am amazed…and super proud of your gopher catching skills!

  3. Nice catch – you’re super lucky, most of the time water doesn’t work.
    If you have the need to remove any gophers again in the future, and the water technique does not work check out the Crittergetter. It’s a crazy idea that folks have employed successfully for decades.

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  7. tried that- my hub even oiled the gas. white puffs came up from gopher holes all over the yard and we let the old truck run for 20 minutes.
    we still have gophers- i use hardware cloth to line the hole before i put my best shrubs and trees in the ground. its the only way to stop them.

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