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Cacti Riding the Bull


Cacti riding the Bull containter.

Cacti riding the Bull container.

2010 brought a lot of change, including updating a couple plant containers.  We picked up this ceramic pottery Bull fall 2008 from… You guessed it, a Sunday yard sale in the Richmond Neighborhood.   This place had Outsider Art galore, and the objects were priced to move.

The Bull has had succulents since day one.  It was time to give it a makeover.

Bull in back.  Succulents getting moved from Bull to the white container in front.

Bull in back. Succulents getting moved from Bull to the white container in front.

Out came both the rocks and succulents which went got swapped out with the plants in the white container in the foreground.  Yeah, a lot of plants were shifted that day.

White container now has a the Bulls old 4 succulents.  They look happier.

The White container now has some succulents from Bull. They look happier.

Megan planted some tiny cacti, and a couple succulent pups in the Bull.  Megan started all these cacti from seed about a year ago.

My cactus identifying is also a bit slow, but I see there are some Pachypodium spp.

The Bull rides again, carring a fresh team of Cacti.

The Bull rides again, carrying a fresh team of Cacti.

— Matti Far Out Flora


  1. Thrift store or garage sale treasures are so great! In your second pic, there are a couple of Haworthia, the stripy one looks like fasciata, and possibly cooperi x obtusa in the background. I see them in their new home in the white pot in the third pic. I love Haworthia! The other spiky one is an Aloe, not sure which one.

  2. I’m very impressed with anyone who can start cacti from seed. Kudos!

  3. Those are Pachypodium seedlings (although Adeniums look very similar at that age). As for the cactus, it’s nearly impossible to tell species until they’re 3 to 4 years old.

    • Thanks Peter for your insightful comments. I am not familiar with Adeniums and will have to do a little research. We were happy to see anything come up from the seeds, and now feel like we need to do another round. Peter, does Cactus Jungle carry any succulent or cactus seeds? We did a search a couple of months ago for some seeds to buy in the Bay Area…but did not have much luck. — Matti

  4. I figured out what the cactus babies are from an old picture. They’re echinopsis :) I knew I had a picture of them with a label somewhere.


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