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Backyard Makeover Fun



The freaky lens makes it look nicer than it did


Matti's Secret Succulents



Getting rid of rotting picnic table, hurray!


Shuffling stuff





I'll take another with the normal lens...


Last week we went crazy and moved a bunch of stuff around out back. We got rid of the rotting picnic table full of questionable succulent containers. Matti’s secret under the table succulent garden is now out in the open. I jammed a bunch more succulents in there too. We used our bigger potted plants as dog pee blockers around the perimeter. I’ll take some normal close ups down the road. Stay tuned for what we used our new found space for.


  1. Good job you guys. I’m in the middle of a backyard makeover too (when am I NOT?). I saw Avatar and want all those plants in my yard. Better start hybridizing alien plants now!

  2. Aah, so nice that you have a big space to play in.

  3. Hi, Matti, love your post and backyard, too. You’re lucky to have both succulents and tropicals growing in your backyard. Also really like your blog header … now, that’s succulent fun!

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