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Rocky Succulent High


Planting Echeveria

Lots of rocks 

Hurray for succulents!

Hurray for more space!

We bought a bunch of faux rock like containers and I filled them up with succulents. Well some of them… That’s why I had to move all the potted stuff to the middle of the yard during the makeover. I ran out of pebbles, but I like what’s going on. I think another 2-3 months and they’ll be all settled in. Those rock containers will benefit from a little patina from the outdoors too. I’m succulent container crazy. Stay tuned for Matti’s super cool new staghorn mountings.


  1. Your yard is rad! I love it! I could look at pictures of succulents all day long!

  2. Very nice. Are those some sort of concrete or are they a resin/fiberglass type container?

    Looking forward to the Staghorn pictures too

  3. It looks like you were having lots of fun – lucky you!

  4. That’s a lot of faux rock containers. Not too many succulents, though. (One can never have too many succulents.)

  5. I need MORE space. The containers are great – love to see your succulents in them.

  6. Has anyone ever told you about a twelve step program for plant addiction:)

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