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Edible Excitement


About a month ago I ordered a bunch of veggie seeds from Bountiful Gardens out of Willits, about two and half hours north of San Francisco.  They’ve been sitting around collecting dust. After Plant ID class on Saturday our friend Johanna gave us a copy of Sunset’s new Western Garden Book of Edibles: The Complete A-Z Guide to Growing Your Own Vegetables, Herbs, and Fruits. Johanna is a test garden coordinator for Sunset. You’ll find her blogging on Fresh Dirt and One Block Diet. We’ve been identifying plants together on Saturday mornings since August 2009 when we started Fall/Winter Plant ID class at City College. We’re taking Spring/Summer (more flowers) ID right now.

Inspiration! Sunset’s new book is exactly what I needed to inspire me to start my seeds. The crappy rainy weather helped too.  I’ve been successful with lettuce before, but I bought individual varieties instead of getting the mixed seed pack.

We picked up a tray with a cover at the local marijuana growing supply store, Grow Your Own, a few months ago. Apparently there are less expensive supply stores in town, but it’s really close to our home. Here’s what I started:

-Loose Leaf Lettuces: Sunset – Red Sails – Rossimo – Salad Bowl – Bronze Arrow – Emerald Oak

-Cool Climate Stupice Tomato (I had given up on growing tomatoes by the beach, but will give these a shot)

-California Green Globe Artichoke (These will get big and need a lot of space if they make it)

-Broccoli: Purple Peacock and Romanesco

I think we’re going to need to ditch some of more grass in the yard so that we can make a raised bed if my veggies come through.


  1. Verrry cool! Veggies planting is awesome!
    Romanesco grows well, but usually takes a bit longer for me, also gophers love it (of course) so plant in a pot or gopher basket.
    Can’t wait to see how your veggies turn out…

  2. My prediction: within a year all the lawn in your yard will disappear!

  3. Evil gophers! I’m going to try and containerize as many of these as possible to avoid the furry creatures. Rene, we’ll have to leave one tiny patch for the dogs. Actually, Max is kind of weird and goes on the walkway half the time. I don’t think he like the grass touching his butt.

  4. Have fun – I look forward to yr pics :)

  5. If you’re in a cold climate, you might also try locating a copy of “Winter Gardeining In the Maritime Northwest” by Binda Colebrook. It’s out of print, but can be found as a used copy on Amazon.
    For interesting salad greens that grow during the winter, consider Mache, Chicory, Kale and Miner’s Lettuce. I have information on all these cold hardy veggies on my web site in the “Salad Greens” section of my garden blog http://www.PlanterTomato.com have a look and let me know if you decide to try any of these. -Mark

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