Far Out Flora

Oh My Orchid Exposition!


If you’re in the Bay Area and looking for something to do this Sunday, go check out the Pacific Orchid Exposition at Fort Mason.  It’s still happening today from 10-5PM, Feb 28. This year’s theme is Carnaval. It’s pretty crazy.  We’ve never seen so many crazy orchids in one place before.

Gigantic Room of Orchids

Miltonia hajime ono 'Okika'

Lycopodium (not an orchid, but cool)

Ornithocephalus (I want lots of the droplet container)

Yes, that really is a stuffed monkey on a horse

Huge Terrarium

One of our favorite displays

Orchid of mystery

Orchid Society of California display


  1. Looks fun! I’d go if I could.

  2. I was excited to find a coralroot orchid last week while hiking in the woods at Rainbow Springs Park in Florida:)

  3. Off topic comment but congrats on the call out for Far out Flora on the Sunset gardening blog!

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