Far Out Flora

March 31, 2010
by Megan

Douglas Iris Propagation II

Last February in my Propagation Class at SF City College, we divided up a bunch of Douglas Iris, Iris douglasiana.  We due to some unexpected warm sunny weather, we made a couple changes over the past 8 weeks. Ideally when … Continue reading

March 30, 2010
by Megan

2010 SF Garden Show Roundup

The 2010 San Francisco Garden Show was a success.  The last two days we shared our two faves, Habitat Dance with a Red-Headed Snake and Salvaged Creole Jazz Courtyard, and sharing the last of the show today. The Prehistoric Paradise … Continue reading

March 29, 2010
by Megan

Salvaged Creole Jazz Courtyard Coolness

We’re still talking about the SF Garden Show. The people’s choice garden Salvaged Creole Jazz Courtyard rocked recycled musical instruments, alligator heads, salvaged wood and tons of succulents. Designer Dawn Engel combined pitcher plants AND staghorn ferns in hanging baskets! … Continue reading

March 28, 2010
by Megan

Habitat Dance with a Red-Headed Snake

We headed over to the SF Garden Show yesterday afternoon and took ridiculous amounts of pictures.  One of our favorite gardens was Keelya Meadows fabulous ‘Habitat Dance with a Red-Headed Snake’. Keelya was inspired by the coloration of the endangered … Continue reading

March 27, 2010
by Megan

Nightlife At The Academy

Thursday evening, we headed to the California Academy of the Science in San Francisco for their weekly Nightlife.  The Museum brings in DJs, turns down the lights, and the party begins. The Rooftop Garden is still relatively new, but filling … Continue reading