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Two Cute Containers


I want to share two too cute succulent containers that Megan put together.  They are amongst my favorites in the garden and holding up great.

Wooden box bursting with succulents.

Wooden box bursting with succulents.

The succulent container (center) has been outdoors since the beginning. It is filled with Pork and Beans, Sedum rubrotinctum, and one big Aeonium spp. We were given this plant as a cutting when we first started our garden and debated on possible species.  Anybody know for certain?  I am guessing either Aeonium schwarzkopf or Aeonium arboreum var atropurpureum.

Megan and I picked up the wooden box at a garage sale.  It had a lot of character, latching lid, and was dirt cheap.  To keep it from closing, I drilled in halfway a 1 inch screw near the hinge.  Now the top will not close and the succulents are safe.

Baby Toes in a ceramic pot I picked up in Chinatown.

Baby Toes in a ceramic pot I picked up in Chinatown.

This succulent container is planted solely with Baby Toes, also known as Fenestraria rhopalophylla ssp. aurantiaca.  I always want to give them a tickle to see if this succulent can laugh.  Currently, it lives indoors by one of our West facing windows.  The ceramic container is filled with a cactus soil mix, colorful rocks, and beach glass.  In the very center, you can see the bud that eventually flowered.

— Matti Far Out Flora


  1. Definitely not schwarzkopf. Pretty sure A. a. var atropurpureum, but I will look it up in my Aeonium book and report back to you!

  2. aloha mattie,

    i love containered succulents especially when they have different textures…i agree also the aeonium might be a var atropurpureum…have to been to the dry garden nursery in berkeley?

    • We have not yet been there…but want to go. Seems that we do not get into the East Bay that often. We are as far West as you possibly can go in SF…thus East Bay is waves away.

  3. Love the box, looks like the Aeonium is bursting out, and saying “look at ME!”
    Baby toes – cute, growing on me….

  4. The aeoniums do vary, among individuals and depending on how much sun they’re getting, but I would label it A. atropurpureum to start.

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