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March Bloom Day


It’s Garden Bloggers Bloom Day, hurray! Sadly not a ton of new or really exciting stuff is blooming in the garden right now. We have a bunch of new buds on a quite a few succulents, so next month should be pretty happening. To make some of the same plants look new and/or exciting I Hipstamaticed it:

This geranium is one of the few plants that was here when we moved in.

Graptopetalum paraguayense I think. Got a giant shopping bag of it free off of craigslist. Any guesses are welcome.



Burst of yellow sedum in the aeoniums

Euphorbia martinii 'Tiny Tim'

Check out this link for last month’s blooms.


  1. wow, alot of beautiful flowering plants, i love the geranium, is that a pelargonium type?

  2. Great idea to Hipstamaticize your photos – it really makes stand out! Love your honesuckle, too – is that the Cape Honeysuckle shrub?

    • Hi Rebecca, I am not for certain. I know that when we picked it up from the nursery…it was listed as a Loniceri sp. basically..the Honeysuckle genus. Hum. I will have to look at it closer now that it has some id features on it. Matti

  3. I really like the geranium! And the lighting and style of the photos is totally appealing.

  4. The Lavender is a sight for sore eyes indeed! Beautiful!

  5. Beautiful succulents.

    I heard about that app, but you’re the first ones I’ve seen use it. Cool.

  6. The hipstamatic is really cool. I don’t have an iphone, though, so I will have to see if I can find an equivalent. Great job on your bloom day photos. :)

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