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Plant ID Week Seven Picks


Plant ID class took us to the Noe Valley neighborhood to see a ton of acacias…plus some others thrown in too. Here are our top three picks:

Acacia baileyana, FABACEAE Legume Family

Of all the Acacias, this is the favorite of the bunch.  The common name Bailey’s Acacia was given to us, but according to Wikipedia it’s a Cootamundra Wattle.  Gotta love the Aussie names.  Typically, Acacias come in a variety of yellow hues ranging from pale gold to canary yellow and everything in between.  Some come with leaves, other have evolved with minute or no leaves…crazy.  Fresh Dirt blog points out a sweet little purple blossom cvs, Acacia baileyana ‘Purpurea’.

Hardenbergia violacea, FABACEAE Legume Family

How can you not love something called ‘Happy Wanderer’? Apparently it’s not so exciting when it goes out of bloom, but today it was chocked full of flowers.  After late summer and the flowers are gone…the plant will disappear into the background, and does create a good screen/coverage with the foliage.

Romneya coulteri, PAPAVERACECE Poppy Family

Romneya coulteri, PAPAVERACECE Poppy Family

California Native extending into Baja Mexico, the Matilija Poppy was just weeks away from going into bloom.  Sometimes called the Fried Egg Flower, Matilija is an evergreen in San Francisco…but really should be cut to the nubs after the blooms have past.  If you do not, the plant looks rangy for months before the next growth starts.  Not to worry because this is a vigorous plant even though it requires no water once established.  Here is a detail of the flower below.

Romneya coulteri, flower

Romneya coulteri, flower


  1. Hardenbergia is cute – I just saw it at the Botanical Gardens a couple of weeks ago, and loved it.

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