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Ruth Bancroft Garden Goodness


We took our Plant ID midterm Saturday morning, then headed to Walnut Creek for Debra Lee Baldwin’s presentation for Ruth Bancroft Garden. Debra had tons of great tips for creating beautiful succulent containers. Her new book Succulent Container Gardens was just recently released, but we love Designing with Succulents too! We went a little picture crazy… Enjoy!

Debra potting up a container on the fly


  1. Wow – I don’t know where to begin! I just love pictures of succulents! Good luck in the GGW competition!

  2. Thank you for going a little photo crazy…very beautiful! This one one of the places we didn’t make it to on our vacation last fall. Looks like we missed a good one.

  3. Beautiful – I would go picture crazy too! Enjoyed yr photos very much, thanks.

  4. Anyone who takes a decent photo of me is a friend for life. ;+) Thanks for coming, it was fun to meet you!

  5. Wonderful shots of the garden and the Succulent Queen in action. Great blog you’ve got here! Adding you to my blogroll.

  6. Love the pics! Thanks so much for joining us!

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  8. This is a beautiful garden, beautifully presented! Good luck in the contest.

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