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The Dry Garden


We had some time between garden visits on Sunday, so we stopped by The Dry Garden in Berkeley Oakland for the first time.  Very cool place.

The Dry Garden

I’ve been freaking out with the camera lately…

Aeonium hangout

Funky pedestal

They have a great selection of xeriscape and succulent plants.   It has a eclectic garden feel and nice neighborhood location.



Gratuitous Echeveria shot

Aloe plicatilis

Mark Bulwinkle Tiles

We quickly made the connection that Mark Bulwinkle was the same person who did a lot of the funky garden sculptures at the Sackhouse Garden.


  1. Love the Aeonium hangout – nice to see such beautiful healthy and happy plants. They obviously really like your climate.

  2. Thanks for sharing these photos. Lovely and the sun is shining – a wonderful thing to do on such a nice day. It is a nice day here today – time to get out and away from the computer!

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