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Habitat Dance with a Red-Headed Snake


We headed over to the SF Garden Show yesterday afternoon and took ridiculous amounts of pictures.  One of our favorite gardens was Keelya Meadows fabulous ‘Habitat Dance with a Red-Headed Snake’. Keelya was inspired by the coloration of the endangered San Francisco Garter Snake (red, turquoise and black). It was hard to capture Keelya’s beautiful use of color with the camera, but we tried. Her use of funky sculpture and planting combinations rocked! Check out her amazing website garden pics. She could design our garden any day.

Stay tuned for more SF Garden Show posts!


  1. The Hopis believe that the snakes crawl into their holes and emerge into the other world carrying the message that the Hopis need rain. Garden Landscaping

  2. I sat in Keeyla’s display garden for a while. I tolf Fern (Life on the Balcony) all we need was a beer and a book. =)

    • Yeah, it was a great space. Amazing depth for a garden demo install. Megan and I walked through the space over and over for a period and kept seeing more exciting finds. Matti

  3. You got to give a lot of credit to any designer for investing their time, money and soul into a show garden.
    It’s a shit load of work . So a big nod of appreciation goes out to Keelya for this display garden.
    This garden did not speak to me on an aesthetic level or a horticultural level.
    Obviously this garden did touch many garden viewers but to me it looked fragmented , disjointed, and haphazardly planted.
    I enjoy robust over the top color in the garden but it still must have fluid flow and a sense of harmony other wise it just looks like a chaotic mess, much like a garage sale.

    Michelle in Marin.

  4. I usually love Keelya Meadows’ designs for their whimsy and color, but this garden just didn’t work for me at all. It felt like too much, all thrown together, with no place for the eye to rest.

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  6. Ya learn something new ervdeyay. It’s true I guess!

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