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Box of Succulents


We’ve had this cute box just sitting around empty. Matti drilled some holes in the bottom; I threw down some screen and dirt. Then, I shoved the assortment of succulents I had sitting around and put some top dressing on (Matti hates that term) to make it look pretty. It was really grey, so I stuck some sedum rubrotinctum in to add some color.

Box O'Succulents

Thank you Sunborne for providing me with cheap succulents I can play around with. Maybe next time I’ll actually plan it out ahead of time.

Bonus backyard pic:

The yard is slowly going away.



  1. So I don’t suppose you ever actually set on that wooden bench do you?

  2. Very nice. The yard looks great. All looks so healthy and happy.

  3. do you use any type of feritier to keep the plants looking so great and healthy, if so what do you use?

    • We have not yet on this box of succulents, but we do fertilize about once per month (depending on if the plants are winter or summer plants) with worm juice from the compost bin….sometimes we use other amendments too if the work compost is low. Matti

  4. Gorgeous…everything!!!!!

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  6. Hi Flora!

    I just stumbled across your blog entry for the Norcal show and looking at the pretty pictures of your fabulous succulents I wondered if you would be interested in planting up a small phytopod with succulents? I can’t wait to see your creative succulence at play!

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