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Succulent Gardens Containers


Succulent Gardens in Castroville CA had some really cool container ideas. Their wall panels are even available online.

Rusty Rim

Succulent Gardens has a bunch of found object full of succulents.  This old rusty car rim has a nice variety of Sedum, and Sempervivum (Hen and Chicks).

Wall of Succulents

The weather was moody when we visited.  Even in overcast sun, this well established succulent wall popped.  To give you some scale (not the pest LOL), it was constructed with 12 panels each about 2 x 2 feet…or the total size was about 4 feet tall, 12 feet long.

Living pictures

They had many of their Redwood Living Picture frames on display.  Above you can see the two standard sizes they carry, and they are constructed out of reclaimed old Redwood lumber.

Mi casa es su casa

A funky little terracotta bowl with Sedum, Sempervivum, and Echeveria.


There were some of the succulent wreaths in a holding area.  The great thing with live succulent arrangements is that they keep growing and ever changing.  If they get too shaggy for your aesthetics, you can always pull out those long stemmed ones, trim down the stem…then stick it right back into the wreath.

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  1. That rusty rim garden is awesome!!! Wowzers!!!

  2. …WOWZERS..?!?!?…LOL

  3. Great pics…. drooling… I must have one of those wall panels… I have to find somewhere that sells them in Australia – I’m too lazy to make one.

  4. Spectacular succulent wall panels… I have to find a way to make one of these — someday! Love the rusted tire rim, too… why didn’t I think of that?!

  5. Cool ideas, the wall panel is awesome!

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  7. Succulents are so awesome!! I had a master gardener teach me all about them today and we put together a few pots :) how wonderful! Next – verticle like yours! I love the mi casa es su casa too – that is so nice 😉

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  9. Your photos are terrific. And this makes me long for the days when I lived in CA and could have all those different kinds of succulents. Only I didn’t know about them then, worse luck. What a fun field trip you had. . . Good luck in the contest.

  10. Beautiful pictures and great ideas!

  11. Even though this is an older post it’s still an absolute knock out!

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  14. Love these images!! I posted the wall o’ succulents on my blog! :)

  15. Very nice “mini gardens”.
    Do you know the name, on the first photo, of the little succulent which is little yellow-green, little red?

  16. Mmm, no, I mean that is little down of the center of the rim, with some sempervivum around it, and its leaves are not so rounded as the rubrotinctum… Tehy are two and there are more at the bottom of the photo.
    Thaks for answer

  17. Mmm, no, I mean that is little down of the center of the rim, with some sempervivum around it, and its leaves are not so rounded as the rubrotinctum… Tehy are two and there are more at the bottom of the photo.
    Thanks for answer

  18. Hi Matti,

    many thanks for your answer, there are so beautiful plants.
    Nice photo on your blog.

  19. I love your art work..Is there a way to tag each plant so that we can get to know the names and varieties?? Pam (succulent lover)

  20. Wondering if I am able to purchase some plants from you. I see the option to purchase the living pictures (and I fully intend to purchase one of those) but, I am not seeing a link to purchase plants…I am interested in buying in bulk..

  21. All I can say is WOW!!!! I am such a nerd but I get so excited when I get to see new succulents that I’ve never seen before!!

  22. Love, Love the photos, and really love the rusted rim as a planter. I have chicks and hens have had for many years. My mom and her side of the family always had them when I was growing up. I would love to get more succulents to plant. Are they as hardy and withstand the winters like my hens and chicks.?? I live in Ohio.
    Thanks :-))

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  24. Hello Matti and Megan!

    I have a question about some plants. I was the first picture with the rusted rim, what is the artichoke-like succulent on the center right. And what is the bright yellow- green one on top of that one(top-right corner of rim)? Thank you and you have such a beautiful blog! I am so hooked right now!

    • Hi Derek,
      I think the artichoke like succulents are sempervivums and the bright green guy is some sort of sedum. Sorry I don’t have more specifics.


  26. Would like to feature your beautiful succulent container gardens and the vertical succulent plates in my magazine. Please check the mentioned website.
    If interested, kindly send across the high res images via wetransfer.com to malabajaj@gmail.com

    All best

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