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Grevillea lanigera 'Coastal Gem' has a new home

I’m hooked on Grevillea. So hooked I made a trip to the SF Botanical Garden to find as many as I could.  There are over 250 species and hybrids floating around. Grevillea comes from Australia and is in the kick ass Proteaceae family. I love its fabulous funky shrimp like flowers. Here are all the ones I could find in the garden:

Grevillea 'Juniperina'

Grevillea 'Pink Pearl'

Grevillea 'White Wings'

Grevillea victoriae

Grevillea 'Rivularis'


  1. I just learned of this one earlier this spring…what took me to long right? You have several fabulous colors!

  2. Great Flower and photos! The Rivularis looks like a sea creature.

  3. The Botanical Garden was having a plant sale this afternoon… we came home with FOUR new Grevilleas :)

  4. Megan, these Plant ID posts of yours are such fun and bring back fond memories of my plant ID classes way back when and all the little hand-printed index cards I made to memorize. I’d take home that ‘White Wings,’ what a beaut.

  5. Hoping you can answer my question: Is it legal to harvest Dudleya from your own private property? We have loads and loads of it growing out of every rock. They’re drought resistant and would be great in the yard. If not to harvest, is it legal to collect thier seeds for planting?

  6. OH! The next street over from me is called Grevillea – I never had any idea what it was named for until today -thanks!

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  8. Grevillea ” pink pearl” : my sister came to visit here on the Mendocino coast in CA & she has an affinity for hummingbirds. I took her over to a place I call hummingbird hedge. This genera of Grevillea planted and let to grow, with forethought or not when first planted was spaced so well apart that the edges of each 10 -12 ft. plant stands side-by-side so you can’t see through this habitat for hummingbirds. Amazing that these plants are in the Proteacea family!! Good info.

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