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We took some photos of our front planting bed.  There are a bunch of Aeoniums with a few jade, Sedum and Senecio jammed in there.

Front planting bed.

Front planting bed.

There were taken with the Hipstamatic.  There is a cool feature where you can shake the camera to randomize the film type and camera lens.  These turned out pretty cool.

Front planting bed.

Front planting bed.

and as back in the day…not all the photos are crisp and clear…but that is part of the effect.

Front planting bed.

Front planting bed.

The winter rains are coming to an end, and our bed is looking its best.  That Aeonium is even flowering.  Soon we will not have rain until Octoberish.  Good thing these succulents need little summer watering.

– Far Out Flora


  1. These are very ‘artful’ pics Megan!

  2. Love them all! Interesting, I guess I should have known this, that our weather patterns are so similar with the lack of rain all summer long.

  3. Wow, nice shots and succulents. I am going to look -up the camera – looks fun!

  4. Doh! I haven’t got a funky iphone…

  5. Gorgeous pics, gorgeous plants… love the tight bunchiness!

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