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My Sword is Flaming


Flaming Sword - Vriesea splendens

I bought this Flaming Sword (Vriesea splendens) at a plant garage sale for $5.00 about a year and a half ago or so. It didn’t have a sword when I got it. Last year around May it shot off a sword. I blogged about it, back when we only blogged once a month.

Flaming Sword - Vriesea splendens

Here it is hanging out in its normal spot next to the surfboard and the Burro’s Tail Sedum (Sedum burrito). It’s gotta be one of the easiest bromeliads to grow. Nothing special, except for keeping the inside full of water. I had some cool pics of it beginning to bloom, but have no idea where they went :(


  1. Gorgeous flaming sword! I have yellow “flowers” popping out of mine. Do you leave the stalk alone, or do you have to cut it (when it withers) so it’ll bloom again? Does it bloom annually? Thanks!

    • I cut the sword off eventually, but not until it starts to look scrappy. Mine just started shooting out the yellow flowers too. So far it’s bloomed once a year for me.

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