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The garden is filling in after our winter rains.  Oddly enough, we are still getting weekly showers here in SF which is unusual.  Between rain showers, I took a walk in the garden this morning and took a couple pics of the Sedum Succulent back fill if you will.

Sedum in bloom.

Sedum in bloom.

Yellow flowers are starting to form on our Sedum spathulifolium (Stone Crop).

Succulent Fill.

Sedum Succulent Fill.

Until some of of the funkier plants get bigger, we have been filling in some space with some Sedum which grows quickly for us.  From top to bottom, there is some Sedum rubrotinctum (Pork and Beans), Sedum spathulifolium (Stone Crop), and Sedum bithynicum (Sea Stars).

some Aloe.

some Aloe.

And a couple of Aloes that are starting to take hold.

– Far Out Flora

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  1. Beautiful photos. They look like dreamy underwater aquascapes.

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