Far Out Flora

Weird Wisconsin


While back in Madison, WI walking back and forth to Olbrich Gardens, I took some pics of yards in action.

Chicken in the yard

I could work with this larger than life chicken in the back garden. Real chickens would be better of course. Love the cowboy juxtaposed with the Virgin Mary.

Wisconsin Succulents

Oh my gosh! It’s sedum and a cold hardy opuntia. I had a neighbor back in Madison whose opuntia would get huge each summer. It was amazing how much growth it could put on in a few short months.

Bottle Border

Love the bottle bordered new garden. That looks like five cold months worth of wine. Matti and I will have to start incorporating beer bottles into the garden.


  1. Five months worth? Gosh…you need to hang out with me and my friends on a cold rainy Portland winter. We could do a border like that all around the SF Botanical Gardens! (wait…I suppose that isn’t something one should boast about is it?)

    Great post!

  2. I would like a cow better. Trite, but who cares.

  3. I tried to border my black-eyed pea garden with beer bottles, but it was too much work collecting nad trying to make them always look good, so I scraped it. This one looks good (even if just for the moment).
    Love that huge chicken…whoa!!!

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