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The Hot, The Loud and the Proud


No, it’s not pictures from this year’s Pride Parade. It’s the end of the month when Noel from A Plant Fanatic in Hawaii asks garden bloggers to post pictures of tropicals, exotics and other steamy plants.  These blazing pics were taken at the Conservatory of Flowers this month. Enjoy!

Bromeliad hotness

Loud orchids

Proud Clock Vine (Thunbergia mysorensis)

Mystery flower

Another one I should know, but don't

Heliconia looking extra hot

The proudest Bat flower (Tacca chantrieri)


  1. “Mystery flower” = Aeschynanthus lobbianus, lipstick plant.

    “Another one I should know” is, I think, Medinilla sp. I don’t know if Medinilla has a common name.

    Very nice pictures.

    • OMG! We have a lipstick plant, but it’s not been a big bloomer. We’ve had it for close to a year and no flowers. It looks happy though. Thanks for the help!

  2. That bat plant is just spectacular! I love all your photos by the way – great compositions.

  3. Awesome tropicals! Of course, the best is that bat plant! What an unusual specimen!

  4. aloha meghan,

    both of those mysteries were answered by mr. subjunctive, the medinilla is medinilla magnifica, one of my favorities, when they bloom here, it is a real show to see, but they are also quite special at the conservatory there, love that building.

  5. Lovely!
    Hot, Loud, Proud indeed :)

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