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Border collie and beer terrarium

Yes, that’s a mini can of Schlitz in the terrarium above (click on the pic and it will get big). Matti transformed a brown plastic dog in to our border collie Max with a Sharpie. Want to learn how to make your own awesome terrarium? Take a terrarium class at workshop. here in San Francisco.  They offer a bunch of rad classes like: Late Night Screening, DIY Living Walls,  Heavy Metal Aerobics and a bunch more.

Carnivorous globe

This is one of our older terrariums. Maybe six months or so ago I threw in some extra sundews I had to see what they would do. I don’t think they love it, but they seem to be doing alright. I don’t really do much with it, except throw some water in every couple weeks. It would probably be happier in a less sunny spot.

Globe close up

Who said you can’t put succulents in a moist, hot spot? Several months ago I stuck some random sedums from the backyard in this closed terrarium and they’re doing fine.


Our underwater ecosystem

We were out back gardening a few weeks ago, when our sweet neighbor Johnny came out with this cool underwater present. If you look super close you can see the big black eye of one of the shrimps in there. There are some tiny little snails crawling around too. I think he made it with stuff he bought at the local aquarium shop. I kind of want to try making my own little underwater world.

Experimental Sundew

One of the best things about sundews is that they reproduce with wild abandon. I’ve harvested tons of babies from my first plant. This guy was jammed in a little glass container about three or four months ago. It’s growing :)

Here are some more cool terrarium resources:

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  1. How cute! Now I want to make a terrarium of my own! Thanks for all the resources.

  2. Your Sundews all look really healthy. May need to set one of these up for my sad little Drosera adelae

    • Set yourself up with a closed terrarium. You only need to water them every few weeks :) I’m going to try some more in bigger terrariums.

  3. These are awesome!!! I tried a few sux in terrariums and mine all did very poorly! Probably too much water…but it scared me too much to ever try again! Maybe one day!!! The sundews are a good choice for this…I saw one at Lowes today too..hmmmmmmm…….

    • Sundews at Lowes!!!! How much were they? Sedum seems to do best in the closed terrariums, but, an open glass container would work really well for almost anything succulent.

  4. All really lovely-must try that when I get time-have to find a suitable glass container first.

  5. Wow, never heard of sundews! I will need to look for some. So cool and interesting!

  6. What a great blog. If anyone is interested in sundews my friend has a great sundew growing website. I am more of a nepenthes guy but check it out! This isnt considered spamming is it : ) haha http://www.growsundews.com Megan you might enjoy it too.

  7. If you are interested in sundews I have a friend who has a great website. He does free seed give aways all the time (just email him : ). http://www.growsundews.com What a cool blog you guys have. Nice work.

  8. Succulents are dry climate. Drosera is wet. They do not belong together. One of the two will die depending on how you water. My guess is the sedum.

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