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We haven’t grown any loose leave lettuce since ditching the cold box.  We saved one of our ginormous containers to use just for veggies, and started our first crop of salad mix on June 15th.

Sowed Seeds.

Sowed Seeds.

Observing our efforts above, it seems that freshly sown seeds are not that impressive looking…but I love this blue container.  It is about 3 feet wide and tall.

Plants are popping up.

Plants are popping up.

Here is what we planted from seed.  Six types of Looseleaf Lettuce from Bountiful Gardens: Salad Bowl; Emerald Oak; Sunset; Rossimo; Bronze Arrow; Red Sails.  Sowing the seeds in concentric circles, we did 3 lettuce types in the outer ring, 2 types in the next, and 1 type in the center ring.  Lastly, we planted some Dill (Anethum graveolens) and Basil Di genova in the very middle.

Almost dinner time.

Almost dinner time.

Most the lettuce seeds germinated in about 2-4 days, and the dill / basil took about 12-14 days.  You may have noticed that I planted these seeds way too close together.  This weekend, I went through and thinned them out.  BTW…I was reading aHa!, and Jayme pointed out some other veggies I should think about planting right now…thanks for the tip Jayme!

about anohter 4 weeks.

About another 4 weeks until first harvest.

From the looks of it, we should be eating freshly grown lettuce by end of July.  Here is an odd little tidbit I discovered, it seems that looseleaf lettuce falls under ASTERACEAE…better known as the Daisy Family.  Who knew?  Well, I am certain there are a bunch of you that already knew that…but news to me.  Now time to dust off that salad spinner of ours that we got from Chinatown.

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  1. How cool that you can grow lettuces in summer! We have to wait until October to plant here. Looks like a lot of yummy crunching in your near future!!! :)

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