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Berkeley Hort is Hot


Snapdragon awesomeness

After checking out Annie’s Annuals we continued our East Bay plant tour extravaganza at Berkeley Horticultural Nursery. It was the first time we’d checked it out, and loved it. That crazy awesome snapdragon above is Antirrhinum majus ‘Night & Day’.

Aeonium and friends

Container coolness. This great little container tucked in to a patch of perennial happiness.

Fallopia japonica 'Variegata'

Variegated fallopia? Really? Maybe we’d see more of these around town if its name that didn’t remind you of the woman’s reproductive system. It’s really, really cool. Its red stems and white leaves are bizarre and awesome.

Mystery tree

This guy was tucked in amongst a bunch of other conifers and I couldn’t see a name tag. It looks like it’s in the Araucariaceae family.  Anyone know what it is? Here are a couple more pretty pictures from the nursery:

Zen Zinnias

Dahlias looking dope

I would definitely go back to Berkeley Hort.  They’ve been around since 1922 and it shows. Lots of cool plants you don’t see every day. After drooling over plants we stopped at Magnani’s for one of the yummiest sandwiches I’d had in a long time.


  1. Someone needs to name a variety of Fallopia “Tubes,” though. ‘Cause that would amuse me.

  2. They do a really nice job with their display garden. Their aquatic garden is really good too.

  3. What a wonderful set of images. Thanks for sharing.

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