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Annie's Annuals Part Deux



We had some pictures left over from our visit to Annie’s Annuals and Perennials last weekend.  If you’re looking for even more great Annie’s pics check out InterLeafings post from her visit. We were there the same day, maybe even the same time.

Oh my california poppy!

Check out these amazing Red Chief and Apricot Chiffon California Poppies (Eschscholzia sp.) freaking out. Looks like some plain old orange ones are tucked in there too. I love them all.

Dudleya delight

As self proclaimed dudleya dorks, we’ve picked up a couple CA native Dudleyas at Annie’s. These guys are Catalina Island Live-Forevers (Dudleya hassei).

Arch of happiness

Check out that fabulous dahlia on the left.

We brought one of these babies home

Here’s a pic of the Eccremocarpus scaber ‘Cherry Red’ in full force. Our ‘Tresco Gold rocks so much we needed another one.


I’m not sure which one this is, but I’m guessing it’s ‘Lemon Queen’.

Chinese Dunce Cap (Orostachys iwarenge)

We brought one of these cute guys home a few months ago, and I love them! They’re adorable. Can’t wait for them to flower. Check out their page to see what they look like in bloom.


  1. Very nice. Annie’s is such a great nursery. Thanks for the link to the Chinese Dunce Cap succulent. I went to Annie’s on Sunday and bought one for my aunt in Santa Cruz. She loves it. I think she will flip when it starts to transform and flower! I got a dierama for myself. I was very pleased to find it there.

  2. I want to live at Annie’s. I am contemplating a move from SoCal to the Bay Area and I must admit that being closer to this nursery is definitely toward the top of the list of reasons why.

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