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Succulent Moon Rocks


A few weeks ago I made up some succulent containers. Normally I leave some room to grow, but I decided to jam the plants in these guys. Our upstairs neighbor calls the silver painted containers moon rocks.

Here’s another one. You can see the silver moon rockiness a little better.

This is the smallest of the three. We have mass quantities of the purple aeonium. I think it’s cyclops, but I’m not sure.

I bought these little kangaroos at Goodwill for super cheap. Matti drilled holes in the bottom using a ceramic bit. Happy Friday!


  1. Those succulents in the planters are so nice! Love the kangaroo!

  2. These succulents are so sweet and beautiful. Glad I stumble into your blog.

  3. Love them Megan. They are so beautiful. The Kangaroos are cute!

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