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Glass Jar Terrariums


A fun time was had by all last Saturday during our Glass Jar Terrarium class at Workshop.

glass jar terrariums

glass jar terrariums

In no particular order, we snapped a couple photos our our student’s mini landscapes.

glass jar terrarium

glass jar terrarium

What do you put in a tiny garden?  An even tinier garden gnome.

glass jar terrariums

glass jar terrariums

glass jar terrarium

glass jar terrarium

Megan and I had an awesome time…who wouldn’t.  We are doing Glass Jar Terrariums again Aug 5, and Aug 15.  Time to go find some more funky jars.

— Far Out Flora


  1. Oh my goodness! This is so cute. I love this idea!!

  2. Have ogled the terrariums at Adore Floral on Lafayette in NYC.

  3. Lovely. Very neat and tidy. Would be nice to have one on my desk :).

  4. The coffee pot one is so quirky and fun. Please come to LA with your workshop, I’ve been itching to do one of these and it’d be nice to have a bit of guidance.

  5. Love that gnome…at first glance thought it was Santa Claus!!!

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  7. I love the one with the deer in. I’m going to have to have a try at making one of these.

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  10. Hi Matti & Megan,
    I was actually trying to contact you to see if I could use the coffee pot image on a blog post I’m doing on terrariums (but couldn’t find a regular contact email).

    The ones I’m going to include are mostly Victorian, but the decaf pot is so original, I would love to show it – naturally I would give credit and a link to your site.

    My blog is very new, and doesn’t have followers etc yet, so I can’t offer a lot views, but I still hope you’ll consider in my favor.
    I left the blog site in my info (not sure if that’s show up on the comment or not) – and it’s a garden/design mix…so take look and if you say ‘yes’ I will be very grateful, and if the answer is ‘no’ I’ll accept your decision gracefully:)

    Thank you!

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