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Succulence: Life and Garden


Sculpture and succulents

In search for some sun and we headed to Bernal Heights.  It wasn’t sunny there either, but worth the trip to finally check out succulence: life and garden. It’s awesome in every way. I went a little overboard with pictures, but it was hard to control myself with so much cool stuff in one place.

It's beautiful

Succulence is tucked behind Four Star Video (you walk through the video store to get to it) on Cortland between Wool and Bennington. Their courtyard is full of fantastic, beautifully merchandised things full of succulents.

Mirror mirror


Wall of water

Happy succulents

More sculptures and succulents

There’s also a little shop filled with awesome things including ceramics by Diana Fayt and cool stuff by Tiny Spark Design.

Inside goodies

More inside goodies


  1. Megan, this is at the top of my list of places to visit when next in the Bay Area. Thank you! That little heart sculpture, what an interesting idea. Even the little man with bowed head is a sculpture I wouldn’t mind looking at.

  2. Cool looking shop…I’d have to keep my wallet on a short chain in there.

    I really love your blog. I just spent a week getting caught up on the archives. So many awesome plants to look at here! You’ve really inspired me to take better care of my cactus collection, so thanks…I’m a new fan!

  3. Looks fab-I am headed to SF next week and hope to check it out.

  4. Never ever worry about taking and posting too many pictures! There is no such thing. This place looks fabulous!

  5. Great photos of this beautiful succulent oasis. The place is now on my weekend To Do list. Thanks!!

  6. Megan, Great stuff . Enjoyed all the photos. I’d love to visit too.

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