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Sunnyside Conservatory Succulents


Out front

Last weekend we stopped at succulent filled Sunnyside Conservatory on Monterey Boulevard to check out the garden.  I never realized there was a Conservatory there until Chuck B. at My Back 40 blogged about it a few months back. I’d been admiring the cool median strip full of aeoniums, euphorbia and phormium for months never realizing there were tons of succulents behind the gates.


Agave hill

Sadly it was not so sunny when we visited. The fog is starting to make me crazy. We haven’t seen the sun in at least two weeks here in Outer Sunset. It’s like living in a giant misty cloud of gloom. The attenuatas and kangaroo paws (Anigozanthos) cheered us up a little bit.


Kangaroo close up

There’s a relatively new mass planting of these guys on the Divisadero Street median strip intermixed with variegated and red phormiums. The paws are so tall you can touch them while waiting in traffic. I could do an entire post about median strips.


Funky thing




Love the funky little sculptures.


The Conservatory

The Sunnyside Conservatory was built in the late 19th century. Several funky palms on the property date back to the olden days. It just reopened last December.


Hurray for bromeliads!

There are cute butterfly gardens behind the Conservatory too, but we’ll save those pictures for another day.




  1. I’m sorry to hear that the fog isn’t lifting. We’ve been starting out our days that way but it burns off my mid-morning. It’s odd to go from the moody weight of the cloudy skies and then poof! like magic there is sun. I hope you guys get some sun soon!!! Oh, and lovely pictures…and please do a post about median strips!

    • It’s the price we pay (or actually don’t pay) for living where we do. Rent is cheaper out here because of the fog. I just got home from Noe Valley where the sun is shining, but it’s still foggy here.

  2. Hey, Megan… was ‘funky thing’ nailed down? I want that!

  3. plus, i keep coming back to look at the blue of those senecios… so great!

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