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Bernal Heights Beauty


Boot of bounty

Last weekend on our unsuccessful mission to find sun in San Francisco we checked out the sweet new store Succulence.  After our visit we walked around Bernal Heights a little to check out what people were doing with plants. The above pic is a cute little succulent patch someone started under their street tree.

Dry garden goodness

Bougainvillea reaching out

Not sure what’s going on with the caution tape. Maybe it’s warning people to not get close to the pokey bougainvillea?

Pretty purple passionflower

I still really want a Passiflora membranaceae, also known as the coolest passionflower vine in town. This one is nice too.


I love all the different colors and textures happening here.  Some thought was put in to the selection of the plants.

Happy plants


  1. Love the boot and window box! Very cute… and such happy succulents.

  2. Wonderful ideas. It makes me so happy to see the boot and window box. I am learning a lot.

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