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Container Before and Afters


I was not proud...

One day this Spring I got antsy and decided I HAD to buy a bunch of six pack annuals that very second. It was Mother’s Day late in the afternoon, so the plants were pretty picked over. I still bought plants. I’m not proud of my choices. Bright yellow snapdragons suck. The garden didn’t really need twelve lobelias either. The dianthus started to irritate me within days of putting it in.  I’ve been undoing my crappy annual container choices for the past few months, but went a little crazier recently.


The dusty miller doesn’t look quite as lame next to the Codyledon orbiculata.  I also added a Calibrachoa ‘Crackling Fire’. It’s not awesome, but it’s better.


More dianthus shaking up the mix.


One plant makes a world of difference. We’ve had this funky bromeliad (can’t remember the name and lost the tag) hanging around for months waiting for a permanent home. The red and peach snapdragons are okay. I’m only a bright yellow hater.


Surprise, surprise more crappy looking lobelia and dianthus. The Russian sage in front has looked kind of crappy all year. I severely chopped it back a couple weeks ago.


Ripping out the sage made me very happy. I had some grass hanging around that needed a home. The Aeonium nobile has a little more space. This is one of my ‘rehab’ succulent sections in the garden. I bring the beat up staging plants home and stick them in the ground. It’s survival of the fittest.


Here’s our sweet sub-irrigated watering thing of coolness when we first got it.


Stuff is growing! This is a cool little system. These poor veggies just saw sun for the first time in a couple weeks a few days ago. Thanks to Fern at Life on the Balcony for hooking us up with this cool container!


  1. Nice work. Love yr combinations of succulents and non succulents.

  2. Love the before and afters! And don’t beat yourself up too bad for some of your choices, we’ve all been there. I look back at some of mine and wince.

    • Yeah… I should have been more patient and waited for a day when we had more time to drive to Half Moon Bay Nursery. I won’t say where I went, but Home Depot probably had a better selection… A bunch of the plants died within a couple days. It was pretty sad.

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