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Gunnera Goodness


The new baby

Last week Matti and I picked up our new baby Gunnera chilensis/tinctoria from fellow blogger friend Robert of The Pitcher Plant Project. It’s also known as Chilean Rhubarb. We’ve been admiring the Gunnera in Golden Gate Park since we moved to San Francisco, so it’s exciting to have our very own.

Picking up the new baby

Please note that Matti’s hair will continue to amaze and astonish. It’s looking a little like a mullet here, but just wait.


Matti cut the pot off when we repotted to avoid beating up the roots growing through the drainage holes. It looks like the back of Matti’s head has developed a beak.


He got it out successfully, and promises to get his haircut by Tuesday.

New home

We made some room on the succulent bench for the new guy. It should be happy there for a bit. I feel like we need to name it.  Any suggestions?


  1. You got a gunnera! Congrats…this is very exciting news. Names…oh…gosh…I think it needs to have something to do with it’s nickname “dinosaur food” do you have a fav dino? Maybe ‘Rex’?

  2. How about “G”?
    Later, it will be: “Gee, isn’t he (she) big?”



    (I am easily amused.)

  3. I kind of like “G Rex” :)

  4. Aww! Awesome guys! I love it! G-Rex is a pretty rad name! (Grex, like hybrids coming from same parent plant … heh!) and it’s lookin very VERY happy in a larger container! I like! Soooo…. you want some more? 😉

    My hair gets like Matti’s. Thats why I shave it short. Total Radness too. Heh heh!

    It was so great to connect with you both and lookin’ forward to a garden visit with you both soon! Cheers!

    • We love our new baby :) I’m still planning out a bigger and better spot for it in the middle garden. The plants in the middle are often forgotten when it comes to watering… I’m going to pick up a liner for it tomorrow, so it can sit in a decent amount of water. Can’t wait to see your garden!!!

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  8. G-Rex, G-rex!!

    And I love the hair, by the way :))))))

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