Far Out Flora

Sunny Santiago


Outer Sunset can feel like a concrete jungle…or maybe it is just along the N-Judah.  It’s always welcoming to see some sweet pops of color such as this corner garden over on Santiago.  Let’s play the name game.

#1 Name this shrub with the purple flower.

Here is a better view of it and the corner garden.

#2 How about this red and white combo?

#3 Bonus guess.  White flower with red bracts?


  1. 1. Tibouchina urveliana / Princess flower
    2. White: Sweet Alyssum / Lobularia maritima (I think)
    2. Calibrachoa spp., but I’m guessing.
    3. Bouganvillea spp. (does it have a common name??? Can’t remember)
    Thanks for the brain workout! I needed that!

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