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Seriously Succulent


We really like to squish our plants in. On Sunday we “detailed” the succulents. We pulled out the stuff we have a tons of (aka…all the Sedum album) to make room for the better stuff.  I divided up some of the cool plants that are now getting big….then used the grab and shove planting technique.  One of the reasons I love succulents so much is that they’re so darn easy to move around and expand.

Donkey Tail - Euphorbia myrsinites

Pink Jelly Beans - Sedum rubrotinctum 'Aurora'

Sempervivum and friends

Echeveria baby


  1. -beautious! You pair the colors and shapes so well. I’m inspired to grab and shove again in my own back yard!

  2. OMG…I could just stare at that first picture all day long!

  3. Well done! You’ve been a very bad influence on me. I spent this weekend planting succulents, too: http://flic.kr/p/8AwCVp

  4. Everything looks stunning! Love the way you blend the shapes and colors!

  5. What fun! You must have been going a thousand miles an hour with all the thoughts whirling and hands planting – I’m so envious!

  6. Love them all. They look so healthy. I love the donkey tail and the lovely red jelly bean. Yours is really lovely and red, I think mine is getting pink and their new babies are going green.

  7. They clean up nice, don’t they? Looks like you polished them! So true about succ. being easy to move and play with. I love the pagoda-esque crassula in the second-to-last pic.

  8. Thanks for all the compliments! It’s still a little hard to believe those pictures were taken in our backyard.

    Mark – You should definitely do some grabbing and shoving. Sometimes I use a trowel, but our soil is so sandy it’s easy to shove :)

    Loree – Me too!!! I just switched it to my desktop background, so at least I can stare at it when I open up the computer :)

    Derek – Nice plants buys at the succulent sale! Your containers are awesome. I love your Ten Tips for Driving in San Francisco. I drive all day long in the city, and you’re right on.

    Denise – That funky pagoda guy is Crassula corymbulosa “Red Pagoda” He got spread around quite a bit.

  9. WOW! i like!! and you must detail your “the grab and shove planting technique”. I do that with my stuff but it certainly don’t turn out as nice! oh em gee…. that first photo – amazing!

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