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What? 90 days for Lettuce


Finally…the lettuce is ready to eat!

Lettuce Bowl

Lettuce Bowl

Geez, it has taken forever.  I started these seeds 12 weeks ago, June 15th.  Those tiny lettuce seeds are too small for my (Matti’s) big hand and I sowed them way to close together.  Oops.

I did thin them out mid July, but should have been more aggressive.  On the bright side…the lettuce is still alive, thriving, and ready to make some awesome salads.

Yummy Salad Mix

Yummy Salad Mix

Here are a couple of before and afters.  Above is 90 days of growth, and below was 60 days ago.  I planted 6 types of lettuce in three circles:  Red Sails; Bronze Arrow; Rossimo; Sunset; Emerald Oak; Salad Bowl.  There’s a little trace Dill and Basil in the very center, but those two never took off.

about another 4 weeks.

Before (beginning July 2010)

Here’s another shot of before and after.

After Pic

After Pic

Plants are popping up.

Plants are popping up.

Going forward, I’m going to harvest whole plants in order to thin them out and give the rest of the lettuce a little breathing room.  Dill and Basil…you’re dead to me now.

Lastly, MEMO TO SELF:  Megan and Johanna were right.  You can’t get more food by planting 15-20 lettuce seeds per inch.  LOL

— Far Out Flora


  1. My lettuce seems to be taking forever too. I love the circle pattern you have there for your lettuce.

  2. What a lovely looking veg pot – nice arrangement.

  3. Hey I tried this same project – yours turned out much better than mine. I ended up with a few spindly leaves, not pretty, and not anything that looked edible. Glad yours worked, and beautifully at that, even though it was slow.

  4. Here in Tampa, it’s been too hot even for lettuce, which is normally sooooo (sow?) easy! I do Renee’s Garden seeds, Asian baby leaf mix, and they usually pop up fast and give me salad in no time. Not this year.
    The thinning thing is a real issue with those little seeds. It hurts!

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