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September Bloom Day


It’s hard to believe Bloom Day is already here. At first I didn’t think we had much in bloom. I was wrong. Be sure to check out May Dreams Garden’s Bloom Day site to see what’s blooming around the world.

Grevillea lanigera 'Coastal Gem'

I love the freaky flowers covering this guy. A couple of my other Grevilleas aren’t looking so hot. The tips are turning black along with the foliage. Has anyone had this happen?

Echeveria setosa

This sweet fuzzy succulent has been blooming for a couple weeks. It’s part of the crazy box of succulents.

Sempervivum sp.

Lovely deep pink blooms. For a little bit I was anti-semps in our garden. One must have gotten rotty or something back in day. They’re all looking happy, and having babies like crazy these days.

Eccremocarpus scaber 'Tresco Gold'

Guess what? The Eccremocarpus is STILL flowering like mad. The hummingbirds freak out on it all day long. I never knew I co have so much love for a vine.  We planted it back in February or March, and it’s been covered in flowers ever since. It’s buddy ‘Cherry Red’ is doing well too.

This guy is a survivor. I thought I had  ripped it’s sad looking self out a couple months ago. It was part of my bad annual container moment a couple months ago.

Sedum sp.

That’s a cute little dudleya up front. While trying to figure out which sedum this was I found the motherload of sedum images at sedumphotos.net. Still can’t remember the name of this one though.


Our self watering container of veggies is freaking out. Thanks again to Fern at Life on the Balcony for hooking us up with our cool container on wheels.

Echeveria sp.

You can barely see the ruffled beauty below these flowers. Quite a few of our echeveria blooms were attacked by evil black aphids this year. By the time I realized what was going on it was too late to do anything.

Frou Frou Fuchsia

This is our fuchsia that always looked like it was on the verge of death when it was in a container. It’s loving the new real estate in the ground.

Happy Bloom Day!


  1. LOVE that Grevillea! And I hope you figure out what’s up with the others.

    Re: your comment on dg yesterday about the Aeoniums in spring….OMG! I will totally remind you of that comment! The idea of it may be just what I need to get me through the dark wet winter ahead…

  2. You do have some unusual flowers. I have never seen Grevillea before. Eccremocarpus either. Did not even try to spell that one. It was a copy and paste.

  3. Your succulent flowers make such wonderful photos, and that first one is pretty amazing. The fuschias are beautiful; they’re on my list to grow someday.

  4. aloha

    i’m enjoying touring your garden with you today, i’m really enjoying my visit. that fushia is one of my favorites, it just keeps on blooming and pumping them out so effortlessly :)

  5. Sorry you don’t like Sempervivum (not Sempervirens – that’s something else!) – they are one of my all time favorites as you may be able to tell from my ever expanding collection! I have over 100 named varieties, and many more No Id’s. I love using them for crafts such as topiary and mosaics.

  6. No bugs on the squash blossoms?!

  7. I used to visit San Francisco on business a lot, but I prefer “visiting” your garden! Gorgeous succulents, and I wish I could grow something as wonderful as your Eccremocarpus scaber ‘Tresco Gold’. Self-watering containers sound perfect – I grow all my veg in containers, and even in the UK the watering regimen gets a little exhausting… Thanks for visiting my blog!

  8. Beautiful photos of your blooms. I think sedums get overlooked because their flowers are small but they are quite lovely and they do so well in my sandy soil.

  9. Thanks everyone for all the comments!!!!

    Loree: Your future Aeoniums are getting excited for the winter rains. They go nuts.

    Noel: I’m a fuchsia junkie. Three of my other fuchsias are blooming too :)

    Drought Smart Plants: Thanks for catching my boo-boo! My sempervivum attitude has changed, and I love them these days.

    Johanna: The bugs are focusing their time and energy on the broccoli. The peas are having some issues too.

    Plantaliscious: Keep an eye out for Chilean Glory Flower in the UK. I made a plant data sheet for the Eccremocarpus (CGF), and found quite a bit of info about them from the UK. Bet you could find seeds. The self watering container is great!

    Valerie: We love sedums! Even their tiny little flowers are alright with me. We have super sandy soil too, so they love it.

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