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Agave Spike in Berkeley


Before hitting the Berkeley Horticultural Nursery, we found a larger than life succulent gem.  OMG, this Century Plant (Agave americana var. marginata), was the size of a VW Bus.  How appropriate for Berkeley.

Century Plant - Agave americana

Century Plant - Agave americana

I get a little confused with some of the variations of the Agave americana.  After a little poking around, it seems that both var. marginata and var. variegata both have yellow to white coloration on the margins, but the var. marginata has a deeper green leaf center.  One great source describing some other variations is San Marcos Growers.  BTW, this site is chock full of info on ornamental plants grown here in California.

Century Plant - Agave americana

Century Plant - Agave americana

Cactus Jungle has a great pic of another A. americana v. marginata over in Berkeley.

If you peek just over the top of this succulent monster, the neighbor has a sweet dry garden too.  Looks like some older Aloe arborescens and some columnar cactus.

Succulents next door.

Succulents next door.

Reminiscing about Agave flower spikes, I wish I could have seen Rancho Reubidoux’s Agave potatorum in full flower.  Amazing how these smallish succulents and pop out such a display.

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  1. Great pictures! The San Marcos website is pretty awesome isn’t it? So what did you buy at the Berkeley Hort Nursery?

  2. Well, the Rancho’s agave potatorum’s blossoms are still withholding and refusing to open… new pics tomorrow … but I can’t wait to see what they’ll look like!

  3. I’ve been reading and enjoying your blog for a while now, and had to comment on this latest post–I ran across that spectacular agave several months ago–and have been visiting it from time to time ever since–last checked it out when I went to Berkeley Horticultural on Sunday! Your photos are great, but a photo can’t quite capture the immensity of this particular plant–I think its the largest agave I’ve ever seen.

  4. That was a neighborhood landmark. buh-bye.

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  6. When I see a gigantic Agave in bloom all I can think of is what an absolute pain it is going to be for the owner to remove its gigantic dead body. One at a botanical garden I worked at had to be removed with a backhoe.

  7. Great pictures and this agave is quite a beauty! It is going to be gorgeous is full bloom!

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