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Flora Grubb Finally



I’m not sure why it’s taken us forever to blog about Flora Grubb Gardens. Maybe because I feel like a big dork taking pictures in one of the coolest garden centers ever. I stop in for a cup of coffee from Ritual Coffee Roasters at least once every few weeks to check things out, but usually don’t have the good camera with me.


Helicopter landing

I’m so happy the helicopter found a cool spot. It’s for sale. If I had unlimited funds it would be in our backyard.


Cool car

The car just keeps on getting cooler and cooler. It’s amazing how many bromeliads can live outside in San Francisco. This link courtesy of the SF Bromeliad Society lists what bros do well in different zip codes throughout the bay area. It even calls out the different micro climates in San Francisco.


The Palm Broker

The Palm Broker has some great info about common palms in San Francisco. They’ll even help you install and maintain your palm.


More bromeliad love

Sweet succulents

It seems like every time I stop in, I see a cool succulent I’ve never seen before. They’re always looking really happy.


Love this newish vignette of awesomeness. The antler sculpture was made using old fencing masks found in the dump. The huge pachypodiums rock! I’m guessing the one I started from seed will be as big as these guys when I’m about 80.

Lophocereus schottii monstrose

Totem pole cacti are freaky in their own special way. Don’t touch them. Apparently the grease on our fingers upsets these bizarro plants.


Everywhere you turn there’s a creative display that makes you want to own every plant in it. Garden merchandising at its best.

Matti's new baby

We brought home a crazy new Staghorn that we’ve never had before. Last April, we saw a Platycerium superbum (we think) during the Palm Society Tour. We’re pretty sure that’s what this one is. Matti’s going to mount it driftwood style, but they work in a pot too. These pictures are just a tiny little taste. If you’ve never been, you need to go.




  1. Love, love, love the Halloweeny face, complete with dried palm frond bangs! **Sigh** I feel like I should fly up just to go to F-Grubb…

  2. I wish I could relive last years Cali vaca all over again this year! We’d be leaving town this Saturday at at Flora Grubb on Monday. But, alas, it is not to be. Thanks for the memories….

    (and yes! This time we would visit the Ruth Bancroft Gardens and Annie’s Annuals!)

  3. Absolutely love FG! I have to upload my pics and blog about my visit-I bought a dozen plants this time.

  4. Rubin: You should make a special plant trip up here. Drive, so you can pack the car full of plants. We can give you a list of all the cool plant places on the coast from SLO north :)

    Loree: Plan a trip down during Echium freak out fest. March/April are my favorite garden months here.

    Nicole: Would love to see your pics too! What did you buy?

  5. “Dude…”

    Like… that just sums it up.
    I mean, what words can even contain that FG awesomness?!

  6. So glad I came across your site! We’re contemplating a move up to SF in the near-ish future (we’re currently in LA), but didn’t know whether we could continue our gardening addiction in the Bay Area. (Given its reputation for being a bit foggy and all.) Glad to see it’s possible! Am now following you on Twitter and look forward to reading more fabulous posts.


  7. …And not only how many bromeliads can live outside here in SF, but how many can live on a cool old, non-op car! Love FG as well, someday want to pair it with a trip to Scrap (have you been there? I haven’t yet, but Charmain would always rave about it), which is also in that hood, to get some reused arts-n-craft supplies to make some funky container pot accessories. Btw, did you take the docent class, Megan?

  8. Flora Grubb is San Francisco’s top garden destinations. gorgeous demo areas, fine specimens…etc. grab a coffee and hang out for awhile is what I do when going.

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