Far Out Flora

Water Pollution Plants


Southeast Water Pollution Control Plant

After stopping at Flora Grubb on Sunday, we walked over to the corner of Jerrold and Phelps to take a look at the SE Water Pollution Control Plant garden. From what we could gather Flora hooked up the city with drought tolerant plants about two and half years ago or so. It’s not the most amazing planting in town, but I’ve been admiring it over the past several months.

Low water friends

Often times while driving near this building there’s a serious Port-O-Potty stank going on. This place,
“treats about 80% of the total wastewater flow generated within San Francisco and removes over 90% of the solids and biodegradable organics.”


There are still some bare patches going on.This is kind of a crappy picture, but I love Euphorbia and Agave so much it had to be included.

Pretty plicatilis

Another view

There are quite a few decent sized Aloe plicatilis hanging out over here. In five years this is going to be a pretty amazing sight.


  1. It’s not supposed to smell! Call 311 if it does and they’ll clean whatever needs cleaning.

  2. Beautiful garden!!!!! Love the A. plicatilis!

  3. Plicatsilis lover here, too… great pics!

  4. I searched Google for euphorbia and I found your blog :-) I like your blog, well done!

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