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Cacti and stuff


Hmmm… I thought I had a bunch of really cool pictures of flowering cacti, but I only have a few. These are more pics from our recent trip to UC-Berkeley’s Botanical Garden.


Borzicactus samaipatus


This cool dude is from Bolivia. Random fact: it was named after botanist and director of the botanical garden of Palermo, Italy Antonio Borzi. I’m loving the crazy bursts of red flowers.


Cleistocactus candililla

Cleistocactus candelilla


This one’s kind of scrawny. I couldn’t find any exciting random facts about this guy. Sounds like it’s pretty easy to grow if you live in Phoenix.


Echinopsis sp.



Agave obscura


It’s not a cactus, but I thought I’d throw it in. It was hiding in the cacti pics. When you dig out three agaves it means you can get three new (smaller) ones to replace right? These guys only get three feet wide.


  1. Oooh, those are so cool!

  2. Hey, UCBerkeley’s reminding of Palm Springs in these pics!

  3. Nope. When you dig out three agaves it means you can get 4 (smaller) to replace it. Inflation you know.

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