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Grevillea Trio


I can remember a time not too long ago when Grevilleas weren’t even part of my vocabulary.  Now we have 4-6 of them in our garden, and I want more.


Rosemary Grevillea - Grevillea Rosmarinifolia

Rosemary Grevillea - Grevillea Rosmarinifolia


One of my favorite places to window shop is Strybing.  They have a bunch in the Australian section such as these three guys.  I first saw Grevillea Rosmarinifolia last spring during Plant ID.  The foliage is similar to the Rosemary that we eat…thus the Latin name loosely translates to Rosemary like foliage.


Grevillea thelemanniana subspecies fililoba

Spider Grevillea - Grevillea thelemanniana subspecies fililoba


I don’t recall seeing this one prior, Spider Grevillea (Grevillea thelemanniana ssp fililoba).  I wonder how many times I walk by something without noticing it…then all of a sudden it reaches out and grabs me.  BTW, I have seen this also called the Hummingbird Bush.


Grevillea juniperina (Low Red Form)

Grevillea juniperina (Low Red Form)


Grevillea juniperina is the last of these Australian natives from the PROTEACEAE family.  Danger Garden has a sweet pick of the G. j ‘Low Red’.

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  1. Like you I wonder how I missed these fabulous plants for so long (and what else am I missing now!?). I want to add to my collection of one but have vowed to see if it makes it through the winter first. The forecasters are starting to talk gloom and doom already. If you believe them it’s going to be an “interesting” winter…

  2. very pretty flowers! the second one even looks like a butterfly

  3. That spider Grevillea is rockin’. My favorite is G lanigera ‘Coastal Gem’. Very common up here on the North Coast, but gosh it flowers like mad at times of year when everything else is sad and boring, has soft, flowing foliage, great color of leaf and flower. Love them.

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