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Third Tuesday of the month = the SF Succulent and Cactus Society meeting.  The format was different this month.  Members brought in new plants they recently acquired or currently cultivating.Mammillaria Aeonium TradescantiaFront and center is a Mammillaria sp…the white cactus.  To the left is a funky little Tradescantia somaliensis.  Top right is a crested Aeonium ‘Sunburst’.  I’ve always wondered way some succulents crest.  Turns out there’s no real good way to predict if a plant will crest or not.  What’s going on is that instead of having a single growing point creating a single stem/branch….the there’s a line of growing points all connected making a crest…sorta like having a bunch of stems fused together.Tradescantia somaliensis OR Cyanotis somaliensis

Here’s a detail of the Tradescantia somaliensis, on the other side of the ID tag was written Cyanotis somaliensis.  This guy has a lot of traits of our mystery plant from Oct Bloom Day (2nd down).  I still think it is a Tradescantia. Haworthia truncata 'Lime Green'

Here’s a crazy Haworthia truncata ‘Lime Green’ that a member has been cultivating.  Sounds like some of these guys form nice rows of leaves as shown above.  Others grow more sporadic.

I missed the name of this last one.  They described it as growing in the desert flood plains.  As the water settles, they get covered in mud until brilliant flowers sprout out.

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  1. I like that variegated crested Aeonium, and I think the last cactus is an Ariocarpus spp.

  2. Thomas is right. It looks like Ariocarpus kotschoubeyanus, or a cultivar thereof

  3. You are correct, the “Tradescantia somaliensis” is mislabeled I believe it is actually Tradescantia sillamontana.

  4. Ref: White pupping cactus in first (top) pic … what IS IT? Want a Latin name … I have one that is growing with leaps. And growing with bounds … extremely healthy … bought in the discount rack in a Savannah (plant) nursery a couple years back and it sits on outside screened porch 24/4/365, WxSW exposure … the “Cardon” likes it, too … and “Copper King” … and the “Eve’s Pin Cushion” …

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