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Sarracenia Finally Flowers


Let’s get this out of the way first…I’ve gotta say, Sarracenias have some of the coolest flowers.  I remember seeing my first ones ever at the California Carnivores.

American Pitcher Plant - Sarracenia sp

American Pitcher Plant - Sarracenia sp

To our amazement, we got our American Pitcher Plant to finally flower…some sort of Sarracenia species.  Man, these guys had a stressful summer.  We used to kept them outside, and they were doing pretty well until it stopped raining last Aprilish.

American Pitcher Plant - Sarracenia sp

We often forgot to water them, they dried out, and almost all the leaves turned brown.  Basically, your typical plant sitting on death row.American Pitcher Plant - Sarracenia sp

We’ve all been there.  So the time came to make a decision.  Either it needs a Ton o’ TLC, or you flip it into the compost bin.  Well, we took a chance and decided to give it another chance.

American Pitcher Plant - Sarracenia sp

Overview of the plant

We brought it inside (they seem to do just fine indoors in our west facing window), and nursed it back to health.  New leaves kept forming, and we would prune off the dead stuff.  Here’s a pick of the overall view of the plant as seen today.  Man, they look cool.  The only odd thing about the whole flowering thing is that…I thought that they are supposed to flower in the spring.  LOL…these guys are still dizzy from their near death experience.

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  1. Agree, quite an amazing looking fella.

  2. We actually have a few species that grow on seepage slopes in pine forests around here in north Florida! One time I got a little lost while hiking and literally stumbled in front of a huge population of em. They do love that constant moisture, especially when its constantly moving… like when they have drip irrigation.

  3. VERY NICE!!!!! :) Lookin’ good there! I have a few of them blooming now. (That… uh… will be snipped off soon, lol.) Some growers speculate it could just be the similar light and environmental conditions they get in the spring that trigger the flowering. Who knows. Keep up the good work in nursing the plants back to health! You know I always love seeing Sarrs!!

  4. Beautiful! so nice that you got it back to health, and it even bloomed!

  5. I agree. The flowers are so interesting and I love the muted color.

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