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Happy Thanksgiving House


Happy House

We love this house. It’s a block and a half from our place. Word on the street is that the woman who owns it was Jack Kerouac’s girlfriend, but we really don’t know much about this colorful place.  Since it’s Thanksgiving and all that jazz, we want to thank all of you out there in interwebs land for reading our blog, helping us ID mystery plants, picking out new shrubs when a gopher eats a plant (the fuchsia won), and looking at all our garden pictures. When we started this thing almost a year ago, we had no idea what would happen. It’s been so much more fun than we ever imagined. We’re very thankful to live in an amazing place that lets us garden all year long. Thanks ya’ll!


Welcome Woman

Happy Staircase

Agave Attack!

Hello Aloe


  1. Happy Thanksgiving! The mural on that house looks great and I love the plantings cramped up against the wall that almost seem to merge with it.

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  3. Oh my, what a colorful house!

  4. And thank you for the awesome, informative posts with the gorgeous photos. It’s invaluable to me to have a plant/writer community here in SF. And, specifically, thanks for this post — love Kerouac and am always interested in the women who love such famous personalities. I too have seen this house and wondered……

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