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And the Winner IS


Succulent Cuttings for the Giveaway.

Succulent Cuttings for the Giveaway.

We had a great response for our Facebook Succulent Cuttings Giveaway…25 people in all.

25 Names in a jar.

25 Names in a jar.

About a week ago, we were putting together a bunch of succulent terrariums and thought…Hey, wouldn’t it be great to share some of our succulents from our garden with our fans.  The Succulent Giveaway was on.

And the winner is...

..and the Winner is….Jessica!


Jessica is the winner.

Enjoy the cuttings and extras.

Enjoy the cuttings and extras.

Congratulation Jessica!  We’ll be sending you a bunch of succulent cuttings, a glass bowl with all the fixings…plus some fun terrarium flare.  A big thanks to all that participated.  We had so much fun with this…that we’ll do it again real soon.

Far Out Flora


  1. How did I miss THIS? Well, anyways, I came up with my own giveaway this week too! I’ll be giving out epiphyte offsets. :)

  2. Yaaaay! This is the best Christmas ever. :D

  3. Congratulations, Jessica…I’ll bet she’s excited to get this great package in the mail!!

  4. Congratulations Jessica on the nice package of plants!

  5. I absolutely enjoyed the terrarium class, thank you! I’m actually getting ready to make some more! Can I use Miracle Gro cactus soil? Is this what you usually use? It’s also fast draining but I’m afraid it will make the succulents grow faster than normal?

    • We use whatever potting soil we have laying around. The Miracle Gro cactus stuff will do the trick. A lot of potting soils have added fertilizers, so you should be good :) Hurray for terrariums!

  6. Congrats Jessica on your succulent cuttings.

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