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Sweet Seaside Gardens


On our way to LA from Santa Barbara we took a little detour to Seaside Gardens in Carpinteria, CA. I’ve never been to a nursery with three plus acres of awesome display gardens. So extensive they’re divided up by region and there’s even a map!

Succulent happy time

Here’s a little taste of the Aloes freaking out in the South African succulent section. Aloes are in full freak out mode all over the place right now, and I’m not complaining.

Portulacaria afra & friends

Getting tropical

What’s that bamboo-like crawling thing going up the tree?

More tropical goodness

Leucadendron 'Jester'

All of our Leucadendron ‘Jester’ shots were kind of blown out, dang you sun and your bright light.  The South African section is filled with all kinds of good stuff.

More South Africa, Leucadendron 'Wilson's Wonder'

Senecio petasitis - Velvet Groundsel

Love the limey green leaves on this fuzzy wuzzy Senecio. We took tons of pictures at Seaside Gardens. This is just a tiny taste of their beautiful display gardens. Check out the entire album here for the full show. It’s a definite must stop if you’re in the Santa Barbara area.


  1. what a great nursery. can’t wait to find an excuse to drive up that way and visit!

  2. Lovely gardens – I’m always on the look out for plants that might grow in my cold garden and senecios are new ones on me – as garden plants anyway – so I’m going to look into them. Thanks

  3. Love that place!

    • How funny. I mentioned this place in one of your Santa Barbara posts the other day so today I was driving back from Morro Bay visiting my old roommates and decided to stop there. I took about 200 pictures (it was a bit overcast so hopefully they came out nice). I stopped at Terra Sol on your recommendation as well.

      The succulent and South African gardens are my favorites.

  4. thanks for the tour. there is nothing anything like that in north carolina – what a lot of exciting plants. beautiful!

  5. I live in Carpinteria and every year for Mother’s day I ask my son and husband to walk through Seaside gardens with me – love it!

  6. We always enjoy a sensory experience beyond description visiting Seaside. Truly a unique opportunity to explore the many various scenes & displays throughout the entire grounds. An excellent choice to introduce grandchildren to the splendor of nature. John & Lani Currado

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