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Rainforest Flora.

Rainforest Flora.

Our road trip last Dec/Jan took us to LA, and  Rainforest Flora was on our short list of must see nurseries down there.  Located in Torrance, their Tillandsia oasis was cooler than we could imagine.  Yeah, we’re Air Plant junkies too.

Tillandsias galore.

Tillandsias galore.

Why is Rainforest Flora so awe-inspiring?  Since 1993, they’ve been growing every single Tillandsia they sell…aka, no plants are harvested from the wild.  Considering their volume rivals any major player in the world, it was no small task.

Encephalartos ferox.

Zululand cycad - Encephalartos ferox.

They have a bunch of other fun tropicals too such as this impressive Zululand cycad (Encephalartos ferox).  BTW, this rich orange cone was about the size of a football.Pond with goldfish.

Also inside the nursery is a large Koi pond with plant encrusted rocks jetting out of the water.  See more of the awesomeness on our Flickr.

Tillandsia funckiana ?

Tillandsia funckiana ?

Here’s a cute guy that we have in our collection, I believe it’s Tillandsia funckianaRainforest Flora

Here’s where Matti really freaked out…the impressive wall of Staghorn Ferns (Platycerium species).

Staghorn Ferns -  Platycerium species

Staghorn Ferns - Platycerium species

This giant ball probably weighed in about 100-200 pounds.

Giant momma Stag.

Giant momma Stag.

Last year Paul T. Isley III, one of the original founders, came to speak at our SF Bromeliad Society.  There we got an intimate look at his 22 years of dedication to produce one of the most comprehensive books on air plants, Tillandsia II.

Outside garden.

Demo garden outside garden.

Rainforest Flora, Torrance CA

Rainforest Flora, Torrance CA

Before leaving, we added a couple new plants to our collection including the one in our last bloom day, Tillandsia crocata.  It’s the most fragrant Tilly that we’ve encountered.  Glad we made the pilgrimage from SF to Rainforest.  Onward to explore the rest of LA.

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  1. Nice – I love the pink ones.

  2. aloha guys, what a sweet place to visit – quite impressive….you were in the neighborhood of lotus land, the mecca of succulents, bromeliads, cycads, palms and unusuals….i’m almost drooling thinking about it…worth a trip down there alone :)

    love all the improvements in your garden lately…i’m glad the warm weather is making your garden look great :)

  3. All I can say is WOWZA. Well that, and I’ve always wanted “Tilly’s” (love that!) and finally got two — your post has confirmed what I’ve always suspected, that en masse they’d be AMAZING.

  4. Oh my! What a treasure chest. That opening image alone is enough for a visit. I can’t imagine such a place. The plants look otherwordly even to someone accustomed to the unusual. Thanks for posting.
    Happy Epiphyte Day!

  5. What a fabulous place! Oh how I would like to visit this place. Your great photos and info will have to do for now!

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