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Huntington's Desert Garden


Desert Garden.

The Huntington Botanical Gardens' Desert Garden.

Let’s start out that The Huntington Botanical Garden is ginormous…the Desert Garden alone is 10 acres.  It’s taken awhile to digest our visit over the New Year’s road trip.  That said, let’s look at some awesome succulents.

Dudleya anomala 'Siempreviva'.

Dudleya anomala 'Siempreviva'.

There were several storms that hit LA before our visit, and some of the gardens were under rehabilitation after the heavy rains.  Here’s a couple of our faves starting with Dudleya anomala ‘Siempreviva’.  This Baja California native likes our Mediterranean climate…winter rains and dry summers.

Echeveria agavoides.

Echeveria agavoides.

Love these Echeveria agavoides, species name roughly translates to agave-like leaves.  Cactus Jungle has a nice cultivar pic.

Agave macrocantha

Agave macroacantha.

This densely compact Agaves, Agave macroacantha, would be a good substitution for an Agave americana.  The spikes along the margins are gorgeous.  Aleem over at Lovely Plants just posted recently about this toothy succulent.

Dykia fosteriana x

Dyckia fosteriana x.

This photo of Dyckia fosteriana x reminds me a lot of fireworks.  We have a couple of Dyckia, but nothing this big/old.

Tylecodon paniculatus

Tylecodon paniculatus.

Something is so familiar about this guy, Tylecodon paniculatus, but I really can’t remember seeing ever before.  It seems to be the hipster cousin of the jade.  Bruce Cameron has a Flickr of it in flower…striking.

Dioscorea elephantipes

Dioscorea elephantipes - Elephant Foot

No wonder Dioscorea elephantipes is also known as Elephant Foot.  This gnarly looking base supports the couple of stems that pop out the top.  Oregon Cactus Blog has some growing tips on him.

Matti with big jade.

Matti with big jade.

Here I am with my guilty pleasure, Crassula ovata…aka the Jade Plant.  I can still remember visiting San Francisco for the first time (from Wisconsin) and seeing Jade growing all over the place larger than life.  I know this workhorse gets a bit of a bad rap here, but I still love them.


Beaucarnea - Ponytail Palm

I can’t fathom how old these Ponytail Palms are, (Beaucarnea).  There were a refreshing site to see for the end of our day.

Agave americana

Agave americana - Century Plant.

We leave you with another workhorse, Agave americana.  Those barrel cactus are foreshadowing a future post.  Hey, we really enjoyed Danger Garden’s visit to Huntington BG too.  Well worth a visit and a look.

— Far Out Flora


  1. Thank you for opening my eyes to the beauty of the Agave macroacantha!

    I love what you said about the jade plant, I still adore the Fatsia japonica partially because it was so foreign to me when I moved to Portland, whereas someone gardening here for ages thinks of it as a plant to avoid.

    When did you guys move to Word Press?

  2. I forgot how nice Huntington is! OK, now I’m having zone envy, something I rarely get! Now, I’ll remind myself of LA Basin smog, traffic, cost of living, and what In-N-Out Burger will do to my getting in shape…

  3. Great pictures of a beautiful place! I really like the combination of Echeveria agavoides with whatever that little trailing thing is growing around it.

    Also, I just wanted to say that your blog is teaching me lots about succulents I might never have heard of otherwise…So thanks for broadening my horizons… :)

  4. I’ve been meaning to go there, but have never made it. I love the barrel cactus and agaves in that last photo. Not sure why I never plant barrel cactus. I like them every time I see them.

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  6. CRIKEYS! So fortunate to have found your blog but now so envious of all those fantastic plants you can grow in SF. I moved from WI to Vancouver Island 3.5 years ago and have SO much to learn. Sure is great going from zone 5 to something like 7a or 7b. Now, if I could just get those Agave plants to grow here in Victoria!!

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  8. Beautiful picture of the Agave Americana at the end of the blog. I like how they intertwine the barrels in between.

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