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Succulent Corner Experiment

Succulent Corner Experiment

You wouldn’t know it today, but it was gorgeous about 2 weeks ago when we were re-tooling the back garden…SF has a 30% chance of snow tonight.  Hey, the succulent corner experiment is coming along.  Historically, this was the last part of the lawn to come back from summer drought death, so we planted some succulents here.  Then we needed to tweak it after a dog incident.  Now it’s looking stronger than ever.  Check out that Euphorbia wulfenii in the center.

Megan plucking away.

Megan plucking away.

Megan in her new gardening hat picking weeds (and some of those pesky perennial rye grass seeds that escaped from the lawn and into the garden).

Succulent Corner, another perspective.

Succulent Corner, another perspective.

Winter is about the best the garden looks.  We are about 110% above rainfall for SF.  Great for our winter growers.

Surfboard in the garden.

Surfboard in the garden.

…like those Aeoniums.  OMG, just found some images what it was like about 9 months ago.


Aeoniums Sunburst mixed with bunch of other succulents.

Amazing how every other month, we think the garden is looking good…but then a couple months go by and we think…wow, I can’t believe how much better it has gotten.  Repeat.  Can’t wait to see what it looks like in spring.

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  1. Oh, how I wish I could grow all those awesome succulents like you do! Alas, mine are confined to life in pots.

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  3. when it comes to gardens, it truly does get better! happy happy plants! we are supposed to get snow, here, too! anyone over 500 feet…

  4. Gorgeous! And I love the hat as well!

  5. Gorgeous… simply gorgeous!

  6. p.s.
    what’s your handle on StumbleUpon?
    I’d like to follow you there.

  7. Hi Megan and Matti, I’ve been stumped finding an ID of a succulent I recently saw on a local hike. I thought of you two, of course. I’m hoping you could help me ID a native dudleya (maybe?) that I just posted to my blog: http://natureid.blogspot.com/search/label/stonecrop%20family

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