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Rearranging Rocks


Max and succulent containers.

Max and succulent containers.

It’s cleaning day in the garden and Max the Border Collie is always ready to help.  Last summer, Megan cranked out a bunch of succulent containers which we arranged on a homemade bench.  Every time it rains or the wind blows…the neighbor’s big Myoporum laetum tree drops debris on, underneath and in between all these succulent containers.  It was time for a good cleaning.


Succulent bench.

Succulent bench.

BTW, these wooden boards were found way back in the day when we excavated the patio.  There was so much sand in the backyard that we didn’t know where the concrete ended and the potential garden could begin.  After digging out all the extra sand, we kept finding bizarre stuff…a 20 foot plank of wood here, some rebar there, bricks, broken glass, and even some beef shank bones.


Succulent container.

Succulent container.

Here’s one of our favorites of the pots.  Nice hodgepodge of succulent cuttings…Crassula lycopodioides, Sedum rubrotinctum, some sedums, and aeoniums.


Mix and match.

Mix and match.

Now the fun part, rearrangement time.  Also tucked in are a couple of rock containers we spray painted silver which we like to call moon rocks.  BTW, they are not really made of rock…they appear to be some sort of ceramic made to look like a rock.


Max back to helping.

Max back to helping.

Max knows just where to drop his ball, strategically right where I am working.  He does that until we chuck it for him.  Ahh…you got to love a dog’s determination.


Max chasing his ball.

Max chasing his ball.

Amazing how crisp and clean the bench looks AND how quick Max can build up speed.  I know this photo makes him look like he’s doing some business, but he’s actually sprinting for his ball.  Check out more pics on our Flickr.

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  1. Your succulents always look great! You have a wonderful garden!

  2. looks very tidy, almost like you are going to have a little sale. i sure would come, if so! seriously, all looks great!

  3. Hello!
    I am the garden blog editor for Horticulture Magazine and would like to talk to you about your blog. Please drop me a note with your email at your earliest convenience.

    Thank you,

  4. I am so loving all the succulents in your backyard. It’s phenomenal!

  5. I love your backyard!

  6. Gorgeous pictures of your place, and I LOVE the succulent rock planters… I remember lusting after them when you first showed them sometime back … I didn’t realize it until now but it’s because of your rock pots that I fell in love with the huge ones that now sit on my paved tiers! Thanks for the inspiration, guys!

  7. And the kangaroos are so sweet, too!

  8. Where did you get the rock planters? I really want one, now.

    • We picked up a couple boxes of these (assorted sizes) from a friend of a friend…sort of a one shot deal. I can’t remember seeing them for sale anywhere here in the bay. Matti

  9. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, your kangaroo planters are awesome. The table (and the whole yard) looks great too.

  10. God what a gorgeous collection you have, I am completely jealous and your garden looks incredible!

  11. love love love…… I think my obsession and small space will end up eventually looking something like this, but with the other side of the U.S.’s plants!

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  14. Que hermozo Jardin con Crassulaceas tienes, ya compartire algunas fotos de lo que yo hago en mi jardin, saludos desde Tulancingo Hidalgo México

    • That’s awesome. I love those plants in the Crassulaceae Family. We had those planters for some time now, most held up well. Can’t wait to do some more. Glad your putting photos up, love to see them. Matti

      Eso es impresionante. Adoro esas plantas en la Familia de Crassulaceae. Tuvimos a esos plantadores durante un tiempo ahora, se mantuvieron más firme. No puede esperar para hacer algunos más. Contentas sus fotos que ponen arriba, el amor para verlos. Matti

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